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China Reproductive Health Industry Association

The association has critical functions derived from the government and ultimate administrative authority of the management and organization of enterprises in national population and family planning services. Its main tasks include: First, to participate in the development of reproductive health industry development plan; second, to advocate for the establishment of relevant policies for the development of the reproductive health industry; third, to participate in and improve the reproductive health industry standards and norms; four, to establish reproductive health industry base and technology park; five, to participate in the construction of reproductive health monitoring and evaluation system of the health industry. 


China Reproductive Health Industry Biomedical Base

The biomedical base is ¡°the national reproductive health industry base¡± identified, credentialed and certified by China Reproductive Health Industry Committee commissioned by the National Population and Family Planning Commission. Based on the existing manufacturing  and R & D of the reproductive health industry, the base has the mandate that includes the construction of ¡°China reproductive health and industrial diagnostic center¡±, ¡±China Reproductive Health Industry  biomedical innovation center ", and "China's reproductive health bio-pharmaceutical products and technology promotion  Service center".


BioChain Institute, Inc.¡¢

BioChain Institute, Inc. is established by Chinese Americans and is located in the Biotechnology Research Center of Silicon Valley in California in April 1994. As an internationally renowned company in diagnosis and biological sample preparation, the company has more than a dozen of international patents; produces a catalogue of more than 5000 products and reagents for biological research and development; has agents and distributors in 33 developed countries; has cooperation and service relationship with almost all of internationally famous biomedical companies and research institutions, such as: Roche, of Merck, Johnson & Johnson, Genentech, GE Health, LTI, Illumina,, Stanford, Harvard, UC Berkley, etc. The company has also trained hundreds of biological scientists and technicians.

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