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Immunogold labeling technique is based on the gold particles with high electron density showing dark brown particles visible under the microscope characteristics of protein binding sites. When these markers are forming at high concentration with the corresponding ligand, the visible red or pink spots appear. Thus, it can be used for qualitative or semiquantitative rapid immunoassay method.


The colloidal gold labeling of protein and other macromolecule is the coating process of adsorbing proteins to the surface of colloidal gold particles. The adsorption mechanism may be that the surface negative charge of colloidal gold particles and the positively charged groups of protein form a solid electrostatic adsorption. Using the reduction method of chlorouric acid preparation, one can easily obtain colloidal gold particles in a variety of different size, that is, in different colors. These spherical particles have a strong absorption function to proteins and can bind non-covalently to staphylococcal protein A, immunoglobulins, toxins, glycoproteins, enzymes, antibiotics, hormones, bovine serum albumin peptide conjugates. It is a very useful tool in basic research and clinical trials.

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