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The basic principle of protein chip is to fix various proteins orderly on the slides or other media carriers to form the detection chip, and then put the chip into reaction with antibodies that are labeled with specific fluorescent substances. The binding of the antibodies to the matched proteins on the protein chip will reveal the corresponding protein and its expression quantity. The non-complementary reaction products of antibodies and proteins on the chip are washed away. The fluorescence intensity of the chip is then detected using a fluorescence scanner or the laser copolymer scanning technology. Through the analysis of the relationship of protein - protein interactions by fluorescence intensity, the determination of a variety of gene expression can be achieved. For this technology to work, one must first make certain that the proteins were fixed to the suitable carriers and maintain the protein native conformation. This is to prevent its degeneration and maintain its original specific biological activity.

Due to the complexity and diversity of proteins and their functions in the living cells, the development of multi-functional sample processing and rapid high-throughput analysis technology using protein chip will help to simplify and accelerate the study of protein functions.

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