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Gene chips, also known as DNA chips, DNA microarrays, oligonucleotide arrays, refering to the in situ synthesis (or microscopic printing means), immobilize tens of thousands of DNA probes on a surface of supporting material, to produce two-dimensional array of DNA probes, and then hybridizes with the labeled samples.  it is fast, parallel, efficient detection or medical diagnosis for biological samples by detecting the hybridization signals.

Gene chips as an advanced, large-scale, high-throughput detection technology for the diagnosis of the disease, its advantages are the following aspects: Firstly they have high sensitivity and accuracy; secondly they are quick and easy; thirdly, at the same time they can detect a variety of diseases. For example, when the chip applied to the dection of prenatal genetic diseases,  extraction of a little amniotic fluid is sufficient to detect whether the fetus is suffering from genetic diseases or not, at the same time the identified diseases reaching dozens or even hundreds, which can not be replaced by any other method and very helpful with prenatal and postnatal care, the implementation of national policy. Another example is the diagnosis of pathogenic microorganisms infection. Currently laboratory diagnostic techniques require long time and the checking is not comprehensive, So doctors often can only make a diagnosis based on clinical experience so that reduces the diagnostic accuracy. If applying gene chip technology in the inspection, doctors in a short period will be able to know what kind of infection of pathogenic microorganisms for the patient is; whether the detected pathogen has drug resistance and which antibiotic resistance or sensitiveity it has. So doctors will be able to target development of scientific treatment program. Another example to high-risk population census with a family history of hypertension, diabetes and other diseases, exposure to poison substances crowd malignant census, reliable results will immediately be able to obtain with application of gene Chip technology. Refering to other cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the nervous system, endocrine system diseases, autoimmune diseases, metabolic diseases, with use of gene chip technology, the early diagnosis rate will greatly enhance and the misdiagnosis rate will be much lower and this will help doctors understand the disease status of each system.

In addition to the Agilent chip, specifically develope their own R & D characteristic chip, such as: male infertility chip, single-gene DMD chip, as well as vertebrate high-throughput pathogen screening chips.

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